New “Hollywood”Partnership  for “What is Normal?”Author is a W.I.N.!

Scott duPont Ginny Scales Medeiros Nemours Publishing (a division of Nemours Marketing, Inc.) has signed a contract to take over the publishing of Ginny Scales-Medeiros’s novel “ What is Normal?”.“Ginny’s novel made the 2012 Top 40 most Inspirational list in Gladys Magazine, Scott duPont (President of Nemours & Publisher) was eager to partner with Ginny and put out a second edition of the book.
The other incentive for Nemours Publishing to move forward with this project was the lucrative potential for a movie deal for the adapted screenplay, “ WIN” already written by Pamala L. Hall, and based on the novel, “ What Is Normal?” currently being pitched for a movie deal. Scott duPont (also an established Hollywood movie producer with almost a dozen films under his belt,)  is looking forward  to signing on as one of the film’s producers. This new Agreement and partnership seemed to be a “Win” for both parties.
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 Barbie Goes Gaga


Barbie Goes Gaga, holding the book “What is Normal?” which was given to Lady Gaga at The Kids Choice Awards 2012

Ginny on the radio.




Some love from Gladys Magazine

Editor in chief of Gladys magazine Andrea Patrick Forte is giving a copy of “What is normal?” to “The Real Housewives of New York” star Aviva Drescher. Photo by Leah Casto – Luxe Photograph

Ginny Scales Medeiros makes Gladys Magazine top 40 Most Inspirational List


Ginny getting ready for Morning Show on ABC.



Deidre Hall Soap Star “Days of Our Lives” with Author Ginny Scales-Medeiros of “What is Normal?”



 Rave Reviews

Ginny has written a very inspiring book about finding the real person beyond the search for Normal. Her first novel, What is Normal, is already gaining rave reviews! A book everyone can relate with and gain insight to your view of normal. Join us and call in to share your story !

This review is from: What is Normal? (Kindle Edition)
Ginny Scales-Medeiros needs to write more books, this one is my new favorite, and I read all of the time. Fact, fiction, spiritual, etc… This falls into every category that this reviewer enjoys. I have read this book more than once. And each time I get a little bit more inspiration from it. There is something for everyone in this book. All of us were children once and all of us went through something that we sometimes don’t want to talk about and some point in our lives. This book is an inspiration and makes this reader feel that if I hit a speed bump in life, I want to just floor it. As you weave in and out of the Story, the heroine, Sue seems to always persevere. Sue has had one trying time after another, but through it all, she rises to find her true spirit. We all have a little Sue in us. Take time to read this fantastic book, you won’t be disappointed. What is Normal?


California WOMAN of the Year Dyan Foster endorces “What is normal?”

California WOMAN of the Year Dyan Foster endorces “What is normal?”